//  Young conductors nearing the end of their studies or beginning their professional careers are eligible to participate in the Critical Orchestra’s 2017 Workshop for Interactive Conducting. A fee of EUR 100 will be charged for participation in the workshop. Travel and accommodation expenses must be covered by the participants themselves. 

// Please use the Online Application Form
Application is ONLY possible online. The application deadline is 31 January 2017.
In addition to the application form, please submit (using wetransfer) a recent video
recording no more than 15 minutes in length of yourself conducting. The camera
should be placed to capture a frontal view (no filming from the back). The video recording should include at least one excerpt from a Classic or Romantic symphonic work. The application will only be considered if the video is received by the 31 January 2017 deadline.

//  With the submission of the Online Application Form, you give your consent for
your personal information to be used as required by the organizers of the project,
including for public relations purposes; you also consent to the workshop
activities being photographed and recorded for inclusion on a DVD or for public
relations purposes. Any video recordings of the workshop provided to you by the
project organizers are exclusively for your private use.

//  German will be the language of the workshop, but English may be used.

//  The jury, on the basis of the applications received, will invite 10 conductors to
participate in the fi rst round. In the following two rounds, the jury will select a
reduced number of participants. The decisions of the jury are legally binding. 

// If you have any questions, please contact us.
Dr. Ingrid Allwardt
Project Manager
Fon: +49-(0)30-688 305-771

The Critical Orchestra’s Workshop for Interactive Conducting 2017 is supported
by the German Ministry for Culture and Media

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